- starters -


Catch of the day sashimi


Catch of the day sashimi with coriander and soy, puff rice and honey- wasabi mayonnaise.



Chicharron cooked for 6 hours in coconut milk, herbs and spices with diablito beans.


Cartagena way brisket


Cartagena way brisket cooked for 6 hours, white corn mash and plantain ceviche.

Flank steak sandwich with basil mayonnaise


Flank steak sandwich with basil mayonnaise, roast tomatos and melte / Vegetarian option with eggplant and zucchini. (V)


Homemade arepas


Homemade arepas (2 units), oxtail, chili sauce, caramelized bacon and cucumber.

Roasted eggplant


Roasted eggplant, chorizo jam, local goat cheese and pumpkin seeds. / Vegetarian option with tomato jam. (V)


Burrata 100% búfala (V)


Burrata 100% bufala, berries vinegar, mix tomatoes and yellow zucchini tartine. (V)

Tuna or salmon tartare


Tuna or salmon tartare (depending on the catch) with truffle dressing, garlic chips and cashews.


Octopus with achiote butter


Octopus with achiote butter, sauté caraota beans, bacon and sweet corn pure.

Beef green mango salad


Beef green mango salad with tamarind dressing, peanuts, red onions and coriander.                             


Pork belly and grapefruit salad


Pork belly and grapefruit salad with pickled carrot, red onion, mint and Ponzu dressing. / Vegetarian option with green beans (V)

cooked Shrimps


Shrimps cooked in tomato and rocotto jam with crispy quinoa and basil.


- mains -


Butternut squash (V)


Butternut squash, barley, mix mushrooms, bread, fresh cheese and cashew sauce. (V)

Pork chop


Pork chop –cooked for 6 hours-, arracacha and black truffle mash, tomato and crispy corn salad.


Beef tenderloin


Beef tenderloin with jus and noisette butter, oyster mushrooms and confit potatoes.

Yellow vegetable curry (V)


Yellow vegetable curry -Palm heart, broccolini, squash, eggplant-, rice and melloui bread.


Sierra Blanca trout


Sierra Blanca trout with roasted Putumayo palm hearts, nuts and cheese crumble.

Catch of the day


Catch of the day, caramelized plantain, fried wild rice with bacon and lemon.


Catch of the day 2


Catch of the day with coconut, ginger and chili sauce, fresh coconut salad, squash and corn.

Out Skirt (350 gr)


Out Skirt (350 gr), caramelized ocanera onion, roasted coliflower and asparagus in lemon butter.


Crispy skin chicken


Crispy skin chicken with spices, native potatoes, bacon, chili and lemongrass.

Pork shank


Pork shank –cooked 12 hours-, tomato-orange sauce and creamy mash potato.


Short Ribs


Short Ribs -12 hours braised- in lemon and chili caramel sauce served with sticky rice and peanuts.


- desserts -


Tres Leches


Frozen “Tres leches” dessert.

Arroz con leche


Coconut “Arroz con leche”, vegan chocolate crunch and mango.


chocolate cake


Hot chocolate cake with hot chocolate mousse and passion fruit ice cream.

cookie taco


Cookie taco with chocolate ice cream, hazelnut cake, berries jam and meringue.


Honey and raspberry tart


Honey and raspberry tart with heavy cream and green apple ice cream.



Frozen “Merengón de guanabana”.


cookie Sandwich


Cookie, salted caramel and cashew ice cream sandwich.

banana alfajor


Alfajor, tempura bananas, ricotta cream, arequipe and natural vanilla ice cream.